Maryland law provides for post divorce modifications of existing court orders concerning child custody, visitation schedules, and child support if there has been a material change in circumstances from the time the order was entered. A change in circumstances could relate to either parent, the children, or the parties’ financial circumstances.

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Post Divorce Modification to Existing Court Orders

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At the Law Office of Corrie A. Boulay, our attorneys can help you seek a modification of a court order in cases involving:

  • Decreasing Child Support: If you lose your job or suffer reduced income for other reasons you may be eligible to reduce your child support payments via a modification.
  • Increasing Child Support: If the parent paying child support receives an increase in income, or if certain expenses for the children increase substantially, you may petition the court to increase the amount of support paid each month.
  • Changing Child Custody: Custody may be changed if either parent’s, or the children’s, circumstances substantially change after a court order is entered. Changes might include a custodial parent’s lifestyle, relocation by either parent, or problems with the children’s schooling.
  • Changing Visitation: If your current visitation schedule is negatively impacting the children, or if either parent’s circumstances have changed to create a need for more or less visitation, you may file a motion seeking to change the schedule.
  • Relocation of a Child: A custodial parent may need permission from the court (or agreement from the parent with visitation rights) to relocate a child. Our lawyers represent both parents who want to move away and parents who are opposed to a child’s relocation.
  • Removal of a Child: If a parent removes a child from Maryland without court approval, our lawyers can petition the court to require the child’s return or a change in custody.

Enforcing Child Support and Visitation

Our attorneys also help parents seek enforcement of existing court orders concerning custody, visitation, and child support. If a parent refuses to comply with a court order a Judge may find them in contempt of court. A finding of contempt can result in fines, a potential loss of custody or visitation, and even jail time. Consulting with a divorce attorney about post divorce modifications will help to alleviate your mind during a difficult time.

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