Post Divorce Modifications

Helping You Make Post Divorce Modifications

Post divorce modifications mean when it comes to your children, nothing is final in divorce. Child custody, visitation schedules and child support can be modified if there is a significant change in your family’s circumstances.

At the Law Offices of Corrie A. Boulay, our legal team can help you seek a modification of your divorce orders in cases involving:

  • Decreasing Child Support: If you lose your job or take a lower paying job, you can reduce your child support payments via a modification.
  • Increasing Child Support: If the payer of child support receives a promotion or pay increases over time, you can petition the court to increase payments.
  • Changing Child Custody: Custody can also be changed if an older child wishes to live with a different parent, or if the lifestyle of the custodial parent places the child at risk.
  • Changing Visitation: If your work schedule changes, you can pursue a change in your visitation schedule.
  • Relocation of a Child: A custodial parent needs permission from the court (or the parent with visitation rights) to remove a child from the Maryland area. Our lawyers represent both parents who want to move away, as well as parents opposed to the move.
  • Removal of a Child: if a parent removes a child from Maryland without court approval, our lawyers can petition the court to require the child’s return or change child custody.

Enforcing Child Support and Visitation

Our legal team also helps parents seek enforcement of an existing court order for child visitation and child support. If your ex refuses to comply with the enforcement order, the judge can find him or her in contempt of court. Anyone who is found in contempt of court can face jail or fines.

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