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Family Law Attorneys

We are family law attorneys based in Columbia and Annapolis, we represent clients throughout Maryland in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody, visitation and support, guardianship, adoption and name changes. We also represent clients in a select group of criminal offenses, including DWI/DUI and traffic violations. No matter what type of case you have, we are never too busy to talk to you and keep you informed of what we are doing for you.

Listening to Our Clients

As family law attorneys, our clients often tell us that we are good listeners. We believe that our ability to truly listen to our clients is one of the most important things we do. Our lawyers approach each case, each divorce, each issue with respect for our client and an appreciation for his or her unique situation.

Every Family Law matter is unique in that every case involves different types of people, emotions, circumstances and economic concerns. To solve your family law issue requires an intimate knowledge and understanding of you and your family dynamic.

Cost-Effective Representation

Our goal is to help you resolve your case in an efficient manner that keeps in mind both your best interests and your bottom line. We offer flexible payment plans and accept credit cards for the convenience of our clients.

Free Attorney Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your family law issue. To talk with our family law attorneys at our firm by phone or at our offices, call 410-964-9622 for our Columbia office or 410-268-2488 for our Annapolis, Maryland office, or fill out our contact form.

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