At the Law Office of Corrie A. Boulay, our lawyers are trained in alternative dispute resolution practices. These are constructive ways of resolving family issues such as divorce, separation agreements, child custody and marital property division. The only job of the attorneys in alternative dispute resolution is to help their clients settle the case in a productive and satisfactory manner, however, if ADR blows up we will then prepare the client and move forward with litigation.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

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In traditional litigation, people dig into entrenched positions and don’t give up those positions willingly. It is by its very nature adversarial and costly. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides methods for solving family law issues.


Throughout ADR methods:

  • Both sides are represented by attorneys who advise them about the law.
  • The participants — the parties and their attorneys — agree to work together in good faith to try find an amicable resolution that satisfies both sides.
  • The attorneys usually enlist the help of specialists such as financial advisors, child specialists and divorce coaches to help the parties resolve specific issues.
  • During mediation, both sides can share information and freely discuss issues, knowing that what they say can’t be used against them in court.
  • These approaches encourage the parties to find common ground and problem-solve rather than construct barricades and rigid positions.

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