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An adoption is the rare instance that allows for all parties in a family law matter to leave a courtroom happy. At the Law Offices of Corrie A. Boulay, our lawyers help keep the experience a happy one by ensuring that all aspects of the adoption are performed professionally and compassionately. Our lawyers handle private adoptions and stepparent adoptions. We also represent birth mothers.

Private Adoptions

Private adoptions take place when adoptive parents and birth parents find each other and complete the adoption process without involving an adoption agency. A private adoption can allow for more flexibility, including greater contact between birth and adoptive parents, than adoption through an agency. Private adoptions involve a large number of laws and regulations that must be complied with at all times, including rules regarding adoptive parents find a child to adopt and to what extent birth mothers can be compensated for expenses. At the Law Offices of Corrie A. Boulay our experienced legal team will handle all court filings and compliance issues, allowing your family to focus on the joy of adding a new child.

Stepparent Adoptions

Before a stepparent can adopt a child the non-custodial biological parent must agree to a termination of parental rights. Terminating parental rights also terminates all parental obligations, including the obligation to provide child support. If a biological parent will not agree to a termination of parental rights our attorneys can advise and assist you with moving the adoption forward over his or her objection. After a successful adoption, the stepparent is now the legal parent of child. He or she takes on the same rights and obligations a biological parent would have, including the obligation to provide child support if the marriage ends in divorce.

Representing Birth Mothers

Birth mothers who have their children adopted via agency or private adoption have a right to legal representation. Our lawyers are experienced in protecting the interests of birth mothers in adoption proceedings.

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