If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can seek a Temporary Protective Order based on your testimony alone. A Temporary Protective Order can be obtained from a District Court, a Commissioner’s Office, and in some circumstances from a Circuit Court. If a Temporary Protective Order is granted it will remain in effect for one week; you must have the other party served with the Protective Order during this time period.

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Obtaining a Protective Order in Maryland

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The Court that issued the Temporary Protective Order will hold a Final Protective Order Hearing, where both party’s are heard, generally one week from the date the Temporary Protective Order was issued. If the Court determines by a preponderance of evidence that the alleged abuse took place then a Final Protective Order will be entered for a period of up to one year.

A Protective Order can require that an abuser: stop threatening or committing abuse, stay away from the victim’s home, work or school, and/or have no contact with the victim(s). In some cases a Protective Order may also: give temporary use and possession of a home to the victim, award temporary custody of children, award temporary financial support, require the abuser to surrender all firearms, award temporary possession of any pet(s), and any other reasonable relief that the Judge determines is necessary to protect the victim from abuse.

Obtaining a Protective Order is often a very emotional and difficult time for all involved. It is important to seek out knowledgeable counsel to protect yourself and your family. The Law Office of Corrie A. Boulay provides skilled and compassionate representation to assist victims of abuse in securing protection for themselves and their families.

Wrongfully Accused

Unfortunately some individuals may seek Protective Orders under false pretenses as a way to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody matter, or as a way to remove a spouse from a shared home. If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, having competent representation can mean the difference between being vindicated and being wrongfully ordered to leave your home or stay away from your children. At the Law Office of Corrie A. Boulay our attorneys will fight false claims to keep your reputation intact.

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