It’s no small matter if police arrest and charge you with a crime in Maryland. Depending on your particular situation, your entire life as you know it may change in an instant. If charges against you involve domestic violence, not only your reputation, but your personal freedom may be at stake. Readers may be surprised to learn that many domestic violence cases include false accusations. Knowing you did not commit the crimes of which you’re accused and knowing how to rectify the situation in court are two very different things.

It would be nice if every single person wrongfully accused of a crime would be able to simply state the truth, then walk away without repercussion of any kind after presenting the facts. This is far from the reality of many situations, however. There have actually been many innocent people sent to prison for things they did not do. Domestic violence charges may be dropped or dismissed for various reasons, one of which includes lack of evidence.

Most common reasons for dropping domestic violence charges

While some may think that an alleged victim of domestic violence can simply decide not to press charges after all, that’s not the way it works. In fact, a victim has no power to drop charges because the victim is not the one pressing charges in the first place; the state is. Following, is a list of the most commonly cited reasons for dismissing or dropping domestic crime charges:

  • If an alleged victim suddenly refuses to cooperate with the state in its prosecution against someone facing domestic violence charges, prosecutors may determine that their case is simply too weak without such testimony. In such situations, they may drop the charges.
  • If a supposed victim continually changes his or her version of a domestic violence incident, prosecutors may decide they don’t have a leg to stand on in court.
    Pure lack of evidence may also lead to domestic violence charges getting dismissed. Prosecutors know they must prove domestic violence beyond a reasonable doubt. If they can’t come up with enough evidence to do so, they may drop their case altogether.
  • Although an alleged victim may file a civil claim against the person accused of domestic violence, above and beyond any criminal charges filed, neither situation necessarily means that convictions will be handed down in court. If you know you did not commit the crimes charged against you, you have every right to aggressively pursue the matter to clear your name and retain your freedom.

Such matters are often complicated and best addressed alongside experienced legal representation. If police arrested and charged you with domestic violence, and you know the allegations are false, you will definitely not be the first person in Maryland to face such challenges in court. Seeking consultation with an attorney may help you make informed decisions as to how best to proceed to mitigate your circumstances, protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

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