Child custody issues are difficult for parents to deal with when both are living stateside, or within miles of each other. But, when you have a child custody issue involving a military family, things can become very difficult. Putting together a child custody agreement can be much more complex for military families than it is for civilian families.

For the most part, a military family will have to follow the same procedures for creating a child custody plan as a civilian family. There can be some differences, but the parents will need to take the same things into consideration and place the child in the best situation possible.

One big difference is that military parents must take into consideration the possibility of deployment or reassignment when creating a child custody agreement. Members of the military could be deployed overseas with very little notice or could be reassigned to a base in another county or state.

When creating a child custody agreement for a military family, the parents can add in considerations involving deployment or reassignment. These provisions should be discussed with an experienced military family law attorney so the best possible options can be presented prior to either parent signing the agreement.

A parent’s military status should not impact the decision of a child custody case. The best interests of the child should still be the main factor in determining custody. Therefore, if it is in the child’s best interest to be placed with the military parent, then this should be the outcome of the case.

As of right now, the armed forces do not allow single parents to enlist because of the strain it would put on the child should the parent be deployed. But, should a military parent become a single parent after joining, the parent can remain active in the armed forces.

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